Wella Booster – £7

Great after a colour service, volumising or nourishing.

Head massage. Duration 5mins.

SP – £15

For tired, dry, chemically treated/damaged hair.

Choose from Hydrate, Colour Save, Repair, Smoothen or Volume treatments.

Head massage under heat. Duration 15mins.

72 hair – £20

A deeply satisfying moisturiser that will improve the most damaged of hair types.

Head massage under heat. Duration 15-20 mins.

Liquid Hair – £20

Reconstructs hair with essential amino acids for sensitised and fragile hair.

  • Builds from the inside out
  • Lasts up to 5 shampoos
  • Lightweight formula

Duration 30mins.



Olaplex – £20

Can only be used when having colour work done

  • Olaplex is used in your colour service
  • It’s an insurance for your hair against breakage
  • Provides richer looking colour which lasts longer

Duration 30mins on top of your colour service.



Olaplex Stand alone   – £30

  • Olaplex is the miracle product we’ve all been waiting for
  • An amazing new revolution for hair
  • It’s an intensive reconstructive treatment which repairs your hair from the inside out
  • For hair that has been over processed from colouring, perming and heat styling

Duration 45mins